1. Project # 3 Property Address List

    Please see the address list for properties that may be required to connect. Project #3 Property Addresses
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  1. Information on Anticipated Future Projects

Please review the information below regarding future projects that are being considered:

The report below, summarizes the plan for extension of municipal sanitary sewers to existing septic tank relief areas known as Linn Grove, Rivare (Bobo), Barrington Woods, Preble, Peterson, Monmouth Extended and Clem’s Lake that demonstrates the District’s efforts to comply with the requirements of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s State Revolving Loan Fund. 

Information regarding this potential project was mailed out on June 1, 2020.  A copy of the letter can be found below.  In addition, monthly status reports are provided below.

Project Related Documents

2018 Preliminary Engineering Report

Project Summary Handout and Maps

Select the links below to view the handouts presented at the November 2018 meeting.