Soil and Water Conservation

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The Adams County Soil and Water Conservation District was duly organized as a governmental subdivision on June 25, 1953 as provided for by the Soil and Water Conservation Districts Act of the Indiana General Assembly. The original SWCD Board was Benjamin Gerke, Richard Scheumann, Ivan Huser, Herman Bulmahn, and Benjamin Mazelin.

The major purpose of the District is to bring about, voluntarily, the wise use and treatment of all land in the district taking into consideration the relationship of soil, water, air, plants, and animals and people, to achieve a quality lasting environment for the people of Adams County.

Technical Assistance is available to help landowners in the district develop, apply, and maintain conservation practices on their land. The district is required by law to hold an annual meeting each year and present a report to the public and elect a supervisor. The district board of supervisors holds a monthly meeting every third Monday night of the month which is open to the public.

The Adams County Soil and Water Conservation District is a legal subdivision of state government responsible for the leadership in the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources within the county. To fulfill its role, the Adams County Soil and Water Conservation District works with local agencies, local, state and federal governments, citizen groups, and individuals to correct and prevent soil and water resource problems, and to develop the natural resources of the community to their proper and best use.

The District is managed by a board of five supervisors – county landowners who are familiar with the conservation problems of Adams County, and can develop corrective programs to handle the problems. Three supervisors are elected by landowners of the SWCD, and two are appointed by the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee. Associate supervisors may be appointed by the board. All serve without pay.