Most Common Rejections of Documents


• Notary missing or incomplete

• Incorrect fee or fee not included

• Name must be typed the same as signature

• Check made payable to incorrect county/office

• Name of person preparing the document missing

• Document is not suitable for microfilm

• Self-addressed stamped envelope not enclosed

• We do not forward instruments to third parties without SASE

• Not for Adams County

• Sales disclosure form not included

• Attached exhibits missing

• Legal description incorrect, incomplete or missing

• Instrument number of the Power of Attorney not provided at the signature (I.C.30-5-3-3)

• Cross reference number to original document incorrect or missing

• Name of company and title of officer doesn’t appear at signature

• Names must be typed or printed under all signatures

   Missing grantee's address

• Document does not have 2” space top and bottom margin on first and last page (additional $1 per page) as required be amend. I.C. 36-2-11-16.5 or has been used by a party other than Recorder

• Affirmation statement missing (affirmation statement must be listed on all documents notarized in Indiana (I.C.36-1-7.5) (the affirmation statement must be located at the conclusion of document before or after prepared by statement (I.C.36-2-11-15)

No legal advice or opinions will be given by the Recorder's Staff either in person or by telephone.