Health Department

                              What We Do

      The Adams County Health Department
and Clinic provide services regarding the following: 
 * Communicable Disease Investigation

            * Environment


             *Health Education

             *Immunizations for children with no health insurance 
            and children with Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise

             *Vital Records


                      Mission Statement

      The Adams County Health Department and Clinic are 
     dedicated to the advancement of the health of all of the 
     residents of Adams county. We serve the community by 

         * Service
         * Education 
         * Prevention 
     in an effort to assist our residents in achieving the highest 
     attainable level of health and to maintain that level in a 
     healthy environment.

                      Services Provided

     *Childhood vaccinations for children with no health 
     insurance and children with Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise

    * Communicable disease investigation

    * Environmental and Food: 

    * HIV testing or referral

    * Various health and wellness education

  • Vital Records: Certified Birth and Death Records

                     Important Links

        *Center for Disease Control and Prevention

        * Food and Drug Administration

         *Fort Wayne Allen County Department of Health

         *Indiana Department of Environmental Management

         *Indiana State Department of Health

         *Online Food Inspection Reports

         *United States Department of Health & Human Services

         *United States Vital Records Information