Why are we being billed for a service that we are not receiving yet?

State Statute allows the Sewer District to begin billing the full rate as soon as the project begins. For Project 1, the interim rate of $27.35 was imposed beginning December of 2016. The full rate of $93.30 will be imposed for the month of June 2017. Additional information regarding the rates can be found under Ordinance 2016-1.

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1. What authority does this board have to impose this project on the residents?
2. Who empowered this board?
3. Is there a local government such as the State or County government that can manage these projects and have the cost included in the property tax structure, thus spreading the cost to all?
4. How will you protect the home owners in the event of long power outages?
5. When completed - who owns the sewer line?
6. Who maintains the line and equipment?
7. Why are we being billed for a service that we are not receiving yet?
8. Who gets what part of the monthly sewer fee?
9. There are an awful lot of homes out here. Why should it cost each of us so much?
10. What about all the homes that will be built after this is done, what are they going to pay?
11. If your sewer system has been updated recently, why would you have to hook into the new one?
12. Some of us Senior Citizens want to stay in our own homes and you make that hard to do when you increase our overhead. We need to put in a new well. How will this affect us?
13. What is the procedure to connect to the District Sewage Collection System?