Golden Meadows Home


Who we are

  • Golden Meadows Home is a non-profit, Residential Care Facility located in Adams County, Indiana.  Our residents live at Golden Meadows Home for a variety of reasons.  All need extra help and support that is provided by our caring staff.  We currently have 25 residents.  All of these people have physical and/or mental disabilities, and are among the most economically disadvantaged people in our community.  Our residents have ranged in age from 18 to 95 years old.  Their needs are varied according to the extent of their disability.  Some residents work part-time in the community, some help out around the home, and some are in retirement mode.

Admission Criteria

  • The following guidelines have been established as criteria for admission to Golden Meadows Home.
    • All potential residents must complete an assessment process conducted by the Administrator and the Director of Nursing or their representatives.
    • All potential residents must be willing and able to work with the staff at Golden Meadows Home to insure that their health, safety, and well-being is maximized.
    • All potential residents must have a physical and/or mental disability that has been diagnosed by a physician or be over the age of 65.
    • All potential residents must agree to assist Golden Meadows Home to acquire all available medical and behavioral records by signing release of information forms for physicians and institutions.  These documents may be used by the assessment team to determine suitability for admission to the facility.
    • All potential residents must exhibit a high degree of independence for performing their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, oral care, and toileting.
    • All potential residents must demonstrate that their behavior will not adversely affect the health, safety, or well-being of other residents, visitors, or staff members.
    • All potential residents must have a physical and chest x-ray prior to admission.
    • All potential residents must fully disclose their income, benefits, and, if relevant, their assets. 
    • All potential residents must agree to apply for the Assistance to Residents in County Homes program if eligible.
    • All potential residents must agree to use their available income and benefits to help with room and board expenses at a rate established by Golden Meadows Home.  All residents with an income will be entitled to retain a minimum of $52.00 as their Personal Care Allowance. 
    • Golden Meadows Home does not accept residents who cannot manage their sliding scale insulin independently.
    • The assessment team will consider other relevant factors when evaluating a potential resident’s suitability for admission.  These factors will be directly related to our ability to meet that person’s needs, and to insure the health and safety of all residents and staff members.

Mission Statement

  • The caring staff of Golden Meadows Home assist residents to maintain their independence. We believe that Golden Meadows is the resident’s home and their well-being is our mission